Following is the list of youtube channels that I have aggregated for .NET C# (Csharp) developers. I personally follow them every day and subscribed. Please note that this does not represent any kind of ranking.

I would suggest going through them one by one looking at their content and playlist section and if you are interested give them a sub! Along the time, I will keep this list updated, if I missed someone, please let me know in the comment section below!

  1. Official .NET channel
  2. .NET Foundation
  3. Raw Coding
  4. Nick Chapsa
  5. Tim Corey
  6. Ak Academy
  7. Scott Hanselman
  8. AngelSix
  9. Brian Lagunas
  10. Codewrinkles
  11. Chris Patterson
  12. Coding Militia
  13. Curious Drive
  14. DevMentors
  15. Dmitri Nesteruk
  16. DotNet Core Central
  17. Frank Liu
  18. Gavin Lon
  19. Hassan Habib
  20. Jeffery T. Fritz
  21. Les Jackson
  22. Rahul Nath
  23. CodeOpinion
  24. Dot Net Tricks
  25. Dotnetos
  26. James Montemagno
  27. John Savill’s Technical Training
  28. kudvenkat
  29. Microsoft Visual Studio
  30. NDC Conferences
  31. Xamarin Developers
  32. Ardalis
  33. Gerald Versluis
  34. Andrea Angella
  35. Wes Doyle
  36. Peter
  37. Rainer Stropek