Recently I started investing with zerodha platform. It’s great and easy platform to interact with. One of the initial problem that I face is that there is no column showing buy/purchase date of stock on holdings screen.

Also on console, there is no dedicated column for buy/purchase date of stock. But I found there is other option through which we can see the buy date of given stock. Following are the steps that we need to follow in order to see buy/purchase date of stock.


  1. Login to console with your account credentials.
  2. Navigate to holdings tab on console. There you will see list of stock that you have hold for the particular period.
  3. Hover cursor over one of the stock name, and you will see three dots appearing there for extra options like below image.

4. Click on three dots and select View breakdowns/tags option.
5. Once you click, the popup window will appear and in that table you will see the buy/purchase date of stock in the first column itself. If you have sell/buy the given stock multiple times then you might see multiple entries there. The latest one will be shown at the top.

As you can see the date is quite hidden in different option and need to dig deeper one level to know the date of purchase of given stock. I hope going forward, zerodha team will add a dedicated column to show the purchase date.

So this is what I wanted to share with this post. If found useful, please share. If you face any problem while performing above steps, let me know in comment section below.
Thanks for reading….