In today’s post, I am going to tell a simple method by which you can hide the search box from taskbar of Windows 10.
Microsoft ported Cortana, a personal digital assistant from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 giving her more power and more intelligence. But some of them don’t like her as she keeps eye on your daily usage of computer and based on that she gives you a suggestion about different things and stuff. So most of them disable Cortana in Windows 10. And also some of the people didn’t like the big search box at the bottom. If you’re one of them then today’s post is for you. Follow the steps below and remove it from the taskbar and get a feel like Windows 7 taskbar.

1. Right click on the taskbar.
2. Then click on “search” option from the menu and click hide.

3. And now the search box is now hidden. And it’s not completely gone.

You can still search, just press the start button on the keyboard. And then type something, once you start typing the search box get invoke and will give you search result.
Microsoft hasn’t provided any option to completely disable or remove that search box. And also I personally don’t suggest it do that. Because it’s quite helpful if you’re are finding something. And also it indexes full computer and not only specific folder or drive. So enjoy it.