With Windows 10, Microsoft has made some drastic modifications to its start menu. Making it more beautiful, useful and lovable. We know start menu opens at bottom left corner (by default) in Windows 7. And with Windows 8 Microsoft has made it full screen with horizontal scroll. But with 10, Microsoft has made an option available for users by which users can change this type of setting. Users can switch to full-screen start menu with one click. So today in my post I am going to tell that method. It’s very simple.

1. Navigate to the Settings app on your computer.
2. Then go to personalization settings. In that click on “Start” sub settings
3. And then on the left-hand side, there is the fifth option of “Use Start full screen”.

4. Enable that by clicking. And Done.

And now click on start button on bottom left corner and now you will get a full-screen start screen with your desktop background which looks pretty amazing. And animations of that are so attractive, isn’t it??