In today’s post, we will talk about drivers, Yes drivers!! Drivers are very important and vital part of operating system. Without compatible driver of the hardware, we can’t use that. The driver is in between our hardware and OS. If correct driver is not installed, then OS is not capable of communicating with hardware (external or internal). So it is very important and essential to install and update your drivers regularly as new driver version is offered. I personally use Driver Booster software from Iobit which provides a very easy method to install and update drivers. You can download it for free from below link.

Download Iobit Driver Booster software

But my today’s post is not being about that. How many drivers are installed in my system, have you ever questioned about that? No, I know. But don’t worry, in today post I will tell you that, how can you get a list of installed drivers. Follow the steps.


1. Press Windows logo key + R. Run window will open at bottom left corner. And type “cmd” (without quote) in that to open command prompt window.
2. After that in black cmd command window type “driverquery” (without quote). And hit enter.

3. As soon as you hit enter, OS will enlist all of the installed drivers in system and will display a table.

4. The table consists of the Module name, display name, driver type and link date. Link date shows the date on which the driver was very first installed.
5. If you want more info about this drivers, you can type “driverquery /v” (without quote) in the cmd window.
This will show up details about installed drivers including status (on or off), size and much more.

So this is a very simple technique to find the list of installed drivers and their current status in the system.
This technique is applicable for Windows 10, 7, 8,8.1.
Try now.
If any problem occurs, don’t forget to hit comment below about that.

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