In my today’s post, I am going to tell one of the simple tricks in Windows system. By this trick, you can shut down your PC just like shutting down a Windows Phone. i.e. slide to shutdown feature.
If you’re a user of Windows phone ( I am ), then you know how you can turn off your phone. You just hold down the power button and the screen will show up the slide to shutdown text, then you stretch the window to down, to turn off the phone. But if you get this functionality on your Windows PC as well then (it will be handy I know). Just try following steps and enable that feature in PC.
1. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 in your Windows Explorer.
2. And search for “SlideToShutDown”.

3. You will see a program name as SlideToShutDown.
4. Now right click on that click Send to > Desktop (create shortcut).
5. Now on your desktop, you will see, the shortcut of that program. Just click on that and see what happens.
And in this way, you enable Slide to Shutdown feature on your PC. You can also change the icon of that program, to do that just navigate to its properties and change its icon.
Isn’t it’s a useful trick or way to shut down your PC?
Try now.