With Windows 10, Microsoft added so many new features, new improvements to Operating System. Windows 10 gives a platform to developer where they code once and run their app to any Windows 10 enabled device, phones, tablets and desktop also.
Being one Expert and power user I do my troubleshooting work through Command prompt and through Windows PowerShell, which are great tools to End users to get things done faster.
Microsoft has added so many new things to CMD and to PowerShell with Windows 10 update. Today I want to tell you one of the feature of PowerShell which is new in Windows 10.
In Windows 10 we can get a transparent background of PowerShell. For that please follow the steps.
1. Open Windows PowerShell. Right click on tital bar and navigate to properties.
2. Then go to colors tab. There you will see a new option of transparency.

3. By opacity slider you can change the transparency of PowerShell window.
Interestingly this also works on Windows 10 Command Prompt.