Hello there. I am Shreyas. And today I will tell you one of my favourite hack. By this hack you can open Command Prompt from your right click in file explorer.
So just follow the steps and refer screenshot for help.
1. Open the Windows Registry editor. If you don’t know how to open, then follow the steps.
Press Windows logo key + R. The run dialog box will be open. Type


in that and hit enter. Done it will open the Windows registry editor.
2. Now navigate to this path


Now right click on shell and create a new key called Open in Command Prompt

Under that new key create a new key again called Command.
And set it default value to this

Cmd.exe /k pushd %L

This value will launch Command prompt.
Save that. Done
And now go to file explorer, right click any file you will see their option of “Open in Command Prompt.